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Cargo Motorcycle Types: A Comprehensive Guide

by Erica

There are numerous varieties of cargo motorcycles. In general, you’re looking at a “small cargo motorcycle,” a box bike, a long tail, a pedicab, and other forms of trikes. They all fill distinct market niches and range in price from compact cargo bikes, priced similarly to the conventional cycle, to pedicabs, which cost several thousand pounds.

These days, many bikes may be equipped with an electric assist feature, which you will be grateful for when you have two kids, their belongings, and the weekly grocery store piled on, and the slight inclines you power up on your regular cycle become irritating hills. Even though the cost will be higher, you won’t turn back.

Why Cargo Motorcycle?

Many solutions are available if you need to transport young children from A to B, but they won’t fit on your standard bike. Or if you’re a small business owner like Green Workforce in London or a courier service like Zedify with offices all over the UK and you need to move light freight, a cargo bike is something to think about.

A cargo bike can be an excellent alternative to a car, even for journeys to the grocery store or the local garden center.

Different Types

The first cargo bikes were used by the postal service, the dairy and meat industries, and others. Deliveries previously tricky or requiring a truck or car were now made with bikes.

There are different types of cargo motorcycles that have different features and designs.

1. Cycle Truck

This bike resembles the earlier designs, with a front-wheel smaller than the back. This is used to improve balance and make moving equipment around easier.

2. Butchers Bike

These motorcycles, which go by both titles, resemble conventional designs even more than the cycle track. Baskets can be placed inside the molded steel frame of this device. Additionally, the frame frequently has a business sign attached to it.

3. Electric-Assist Cargo Bike

A type of electric-assist bicycle known as a “pedelec” is quickly gaining popularity in the cargo bike sector. Some manufacturers, like Urban Arrow, solely sell e-assisted cargo bikes; they don’t sell non-motorized models. Corporations run various showrooms in the UK where you may schedule a test drive.

A peddle bike has an electric motor that only activates when you begin to pedal, hence the name “pedal electric.” The motor shuts off when you freewheel and then go over the speed limit.

4. Long John Bicycle

Long john cycles of Alibaba break the mold of conventional bikes, giving them a peculiar appearance. On typical bikes, the front wheel is placed further from the handlebars to create something resembling a flatbed.

Although first challenging to steer, this design can move up to 100 kilograms at once. This makes it possible for you to ship a lot more, resulting in fewer trips.

5. Porteur Bike

Alibaba porteur bicycles have a front rack built into them. Most of these racks have been tested to support up to 50 Kilos.


You can depend on American-made bikes since they are sturdy and well-built. Consider buying an American-made bicycle if you’re serious about purchasing a cargo bike. You might be able to save time and money by incorporating these bikes into your company.

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