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Elaborated Details On UWELL’s Caliburn AK2 Pod

by Erica

Long gone are the days when people only used tobacco cigarettes for smoking. Electronic cigarettes and vapes such as Ak2 pod are the new trendy item, and they simulate the smoking of a tobacco cigarette. However, they come in a lot of flavors, and are great for refreshing yourself, as well as for getting a hit. One of the best places to get your electronic cigarettes is UWELL. Check out their wide collection of electronic cigarettes and vape pods, and you will surely want one!

One of the best electronic cigarettes by UWELL is their Caliburn AK2 pod. It triumphs over its competitors and other products at UWELL due to a variety of reasons. Check out the special features of this vape pod and why you should get it.

Features Of  Caliburn AK2

Here are the main features of the UWELL Caliburn AK2 that makes it stand out from the rest and gives you a cool and trendy vibe.

1. Window To Check E-liquid Levels

The Caliburn AK2 has a glass window that lets you check the quantity of e-liquid in your vape pod. You get to know how much is left, and when it is time for refilling your pod. The Caliburn AK2 has a top filling design, that lets users refill the pod from the top. This makes the process easy and reduces mess that may otherwise occur.

2. Highly Portable and Stylish Design

UWELL’s Caliburn AK2 has a highly portable and lightweight design. The electronic cigarette device comes with a silicon lanyard that frees your hand. You can sling it in your bag, in your pocket or literally anywhere. The stylish design of this device makes everyone want one of it. It uses diagonal stripes to symbolize how life moves forward. The new and unique colors and the stylish design makes it a must-have for every fashionista!

3. Available In 8 Colors

The UWELL Caliburn AK2 comes in eight different colors. There are six basic variants, and two cyberpunk special editions to give your style statement a special twist. The basic color variants are Classic Black, Graphite Gray, Turquoise Blue, Neon Orange, Gloomy Green, and Sakura Pink. The special editions come in Daylight Walker and Midnight Rider. The vibrant colors add a tinge of vibrancy to your life and adds color and chic to your style. The cyberpunk special editions, with their futuristic designs and style are one of a kind!

4. Durable & Long-lasting Product

The Caliburn AK2 has been made with the best materials and is meant for regular use. The strong and durable electronic cigarette pod can easily stand rough handling, and still give its peak performance. The USB Type-C fast charging charges it at an unimaginable speed, making it ready for use in no time. The 520 mAh battery will last you for the whole day – it surely is dependable and a great item to have! It does not leak and gives a great vaping experience.


You may be able to find electronic cigarettes and vapes at several places. However, if you are looking for reliable and trustworthy vape pods at an affordable price, there is no place better than UWELL. They have a wide collection of vapes with great designs and colors. Besides their trendy styles, they are really easy to use, and the perfect choice for everyone.

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