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Factors to Consider When Buying a Candle Bowl

by Erica

Candle bowls are a great way to dress up your candle and make it look more special. There are so many different types of candle bowls on the market today and they come in various shapes, sizes and colours. So, if you want to use your candle bowls for an event or party then you should try to find something that matches the theme of your event or party.

Read on for somethings you’ll need to consider for the same:


Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of candle bowls is the decoration. A candle bowl is an excellent addition to any room, but it can also stand alone as a great decorative piece. If you want to purchase this type of candle holder, it won’t be wayward to consider the decoration. At least this can assure you a standalone decorative piece even when you are not lighting any candles.

The Material

Candle bowls can be made from glass or ceramic, but they can also be made from metal or wood. The material used will determine the look and feel of your bowl as well as its durability and style. Today there are candle bowls even made from the most unique things such as coconut shells, so before picking any material hurriedly, take your time, look around for something unique and elegant. At the same time, metal candle bowls for example look great in industrial settings while ceramic works well with traditional designs. Glass bowls are great for modern homes while wood bowls work well with rustic interiors.


The size of your candle bowl will depend on how big your own candles are. If you have large candles, then you need a bigger sized bowl so that it can hold all of the melted wax from your candle without overflowing. If you have smaller candles, then you can get smaller sized bowls for them as well. The size of your bowl should also match up with the size of your table or stand where it will be placed so that it does not look out of place or seem too big or too small compared to the rest of the room’s décor.

Brand Name

When buying anything online, it is always good to buy from a trusted brand because they usually offer better quality products. Some brands have been in business for years and have built a reputation for producing high-quality products that last longer than their competitors’ products do. In addition, they offer after-sales services if there is any problem with your purchase.


Next, look at the design of the candle bowl itself. Candle bowls come in many different designs – from simple designs like circles or squares to more elaborate designs like flowers or other shapes. While some people like simple designs because they don’t take away from the candle itself, others like more elaborate designs because they add character to their homes. Consider whether you prefer simple or elaborate designs before buying a new candle bowl.


When it comes to choosing the right candle bowl, first you need to consider what you are looking for in the candle. You will also have to look at other features of the bowls that might not be as important to you or might be unimportant. For example, some candle bowls have a lid, while others do not. So, the most important thing is that you have a clear understanding of what you want in a bowl and you can then start your search by knowing just exactly what you’re looking for.

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